Ask the experts all things maternity & early years during covid-19

This event takes place annually at Baby Week Leeds with many stalls. Due to Covid-19, we went LIVE on zoom for the 'ask the experts' webinar where around 30 parents and expectant parents joined our professionals panel to ask midwives, nurses, GP, health visitors and many other health and wellbeing professionals any questions about maternity and early years services.

The session was recorded and can be watched here, many questions that we received were answered in the video and a few are answered below... We were also joined by Hillary Benn (MP in Leeds) to close the week.

Hear about what we have been doing to improve maternity services and to help families get the best start in life. Tell us about your experiences and help to shape future plans.

Watch the full ASK THE EXPERTS 2020 session below:


1. How do you recommend feeding a tongue tied baby who’s waiting for a frenectomy without experiencing weight loss/plateau?

2. What are the options for having babies weighed safely in a second this second lockdown? And how do parents find out about these?

3. What are the good ways to stimulate baby at home, with so many baby groups closed closed. Some ideas for baby play would be good!

We are currently refreshing the Leeds Maternity Strategy, and prioritising work to reduce inequalities in services, and in particular inequalities in outcomes linked to differences in ethnicity. We are targeting our new developments which are likely to improve outcomes (eg providing continuity of carer, where women see the same midwives throughout their maternity journey) in areas which have higher proportions of women from different ethnicities. We have begun work to look at all our outcome measures by ethnicity, so that we can monitor the impact of what we are doing.

4. What antenatal and perinatal services are currently available for partners and dads please?

The 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service have continued to provide support on a 1;1 basis to children, young people and families,. We continue to offer our healthy child programme offer, this will be face to face or via virtual methods where appropriate. We have been offering and continue to offer weight reviews to some babies following clinical assessment with one of our Public Health Integrated Nurses on a one-to-one basis, If you are would like to speak with your name nurse you can get in touch with us on 0113 8435683.

To follow National Guidance and to keep everyone safe we have had to look at the ways in which we offer our service. We currently have virtual clinics running where you can book some time and speak to a member of our team about topics such as breastfeeding, weaning, sleep, behaviour and potty training. We are also offering an extended hours telephone service between 5 and 8pm with a 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nurse.

5. What is the Trusts policy on allowing patients and birthing people with hidden disabilities support from their partners whilst in hospital? And are they willing to listen to the impact this is having on patients?

6. Breastfeeding: infant feeding regarding the GP's and their training for giving advice on breastfeeding ie knowledge on what medication to administer whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

7. How do you ensure good continuity of care throughout antenatal and post natal care?

8. How are the midwives and health visitors ensuring women and families have enough information on available services to offer face to face support to access when faced with feeding difficulties?

9. What is the referral process of Birth Matters and how long is waiting list for women and partners who have suffered birth trauma to get support?

10. Recording consultations and scans or video recording. Women and people have the right to do this in law and the hospital is saying they don’t want it because they don’t want there to be any evidence of malpractice which could harm the trust. What are they doing to deal with this situation?

Throughout the session, many useful website and links were mentioned and all can be found here >>>