Friday 16th november maternity event

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Friday 16th November Day Five of Baby Week

Maternity Event

At 12.30 professionals from the maternity services pitched up a stall to talk to public about their maternity experiences, from obesity to breast feeding. From multiples to physical health and fitness we welcomed the pregnant ladies and families with babies to talk about their experiences. Along side this we had Rt Hon Hilary Benn to open (the closing) and ran a series of video’s behind us on the big screen. These included – Emma Roger Winston Churchill Fellow on her travelling research on Doula’s. The LMS (Local Maternity System) and Home birth videos.

Youtube link to LMS

Youtube link 1 Homebirth

Youtube link 2 Homebirth

Youtube link 3 Homebirth

You're not alone perinatal mental health link


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Baby Week Leeds now running for the fifth year are pleased to share evidence and report successful partnerships. We have had interest from several local authorities and aim to provide a toolkit and training if your city would like to host. The founder, Lucy Potter who completed a Winston Churchill Fellowship, which helped her discover Semana Do Bebe (Baby Week Brazil) formed a partnership with Brazil to bring it to Leeds. 


Our blog site will contain more highlights, more stories and more information to support you and your organisation also take part in Baby Week. Please don't hesitate to contact and we hope to respond as soon as possible.


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