There have been some great services sharing the work they do not only during #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek but all year round. The Leeds Teaching Hospital E-Midwife brings together the wonderful work of Mindwell which is part of the Clincial Commissioning Group in this lovely info graphic which also recognises the importance of grassroots and third sector services for helping women and families to find support virtually.

Leeds Teaching Hospital E-Midwife say they're not forgetting Dads at this time too. By helping to promote the launch of this useful DadPad app developed with the NHS. They know that with changes to the maternity services at this time means partners are missing out on the opportunities for asking questions that may arise when attending antenatal groups and appointments. This app helps to answer queries and offer advice on practical guidance too.

The term 'Perinatal' refers to the period from pregnancy to one year after you give birth. The Perinatal Mental Health Partnership is a social media platform offering advice and support from a wealth of mental health professionals around the country. This facebook page is concentrating on Maternal Mental Health during Covid and at other times too.


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Baby Week Leeds now running for the fifth year are pleased to share evidence and report successful partnerships. We have had interest from several local authorities and aim to provide a toolkit and training if your city would like to host. The founder, Lucy Potter who completed a Winston Churchill Fellowship, which helped her discover Semana Do Bebe (Baby Week Brazil) formed a partnership with Brazil to bring it to Leeds. 


Our blog site will contain more highlights, more stories and more information to support you and your organisation also take part in Baby Week. Please don't hesitate to contact and we hope to respond as soon as possible.


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