Tuesday 13th November 2018

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Tuesday 13th November (Day two of Baby Week 2018)

After the excitement of the launch Baby Week continued to provide fun activities within the city centre and children’s centres with the communities.

Photo booth was all prepped and ready to take some snaps of babies at the central library.

We had Made with Music for Babies session at Stainbeck Community Hall. Bounce and Rhyme time at the Compton Centre and Central Library and Bedtime Stories at Guisley library.

At 1pm Lucy Potter visited 50 student midwives at Leeds University as part of their study program. This was supported by their wonderful tutor Melanie Barnes. It was their final seminar for the term and they had just sat an exam, so there was a sense of relief in the room. Lucy brought in some 50 things to do before 5 app cake (from the day previously) to celebrate the week and recognise students hard work. Melanie and Lucy had met previously for discussion on the content of the presentation.

Bearing in mind the theme of the week was ‘Better Conversations’, Melanie was able to tie in the Baby Week theme with the students module of learning. It was great to speak to student midwives already in their vocation and to remind them to reflect on their experiences to develop personally, clinically and professionally. As well as giving the run down of how Baby Week originated, Lucy also spoke from her role as the Chair of Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP). How having better conversations with women about ‘informed choice’ regarding place of birth and their continuity of care will help shape further communication between professionals and families. And sharing that passion with peers will help establish the framework for a supportive leadership and future work within the trust. Lucy reminded the midwives of coming into contact with the families who are engaging with the service and understand the integrated services that are there available to families within the trust, including teens team, multiples team, diabetes, but also understanding the importance of the wider external services in the community that help connect maternity with early years.

Thanks to all the women there for welcoming me to talk and supporting Baby Week. All the best for the future.