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9 - 15 NOVEMBER 2020

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Baby Week Leeds launched in September 2016, is an early years initiative helping to bring and celebrate services from across the sector together and is an adaptation of Semana do Bebe (UNICEF 2010). It's aim is raising awareness of the baby's important growth and development mentally and physically in order to give the best start. It was originally funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group in Leeds who recognised Baby Week as an ideal platform to promote new policies to help connect with families in Leeds. Since May 2018, Baby Week Leeds is a registered charity, which is made up of different representatives from professions across the city including academic, midwifery, public health, children's centres and local government. Find out more about our aims here.

Baby Week Leeds is back for the fourth time with many amazing events and activities across the city. The idea originated from Brazil known as Semana Do Bebe (Baby Week Brazil), which is supported by UNICEF and has been successfully growing for 20 years. Working with Child Friendly Leeds, NHS Leeds, and all sectors, Baby Week launched in 2016 and Leeds was the first UK city to replicate a model to celebrate, raise awareness and bring sectors together. Since then we have been sharing best practice across the country and internationally to help promote the best start.

The opening event will be open to all from professionals, parents, carers, babies and anyone who has an interest in the world of maternity and early years. From key speakers to stalls, from exciting workshops to pampering by LUSH Leeds and refreshments, there will be something for all. We’re excited to launch the new Face Mums.


The week begins with an opening ceremony, were dignitaries are invited to give an overview of the week, the journey of Baby Week following its progress over the years, and the Baby Champion - This is taken straight from Brazil, a baby born within the week is given the title of baby mayor (however we call it Baby Champion) the baby parents work with the team throughout the year and then speak at the next baby week. We provide a free conference for all professionals at any level to attend where they can hear from and network with professionals.


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Baby Week originates from Semana Do Bebe in Brazil, read more about it from our blog pages...

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Tick-off 50 fantastic things for you and your child to experience together.

The app '50 things to do' will launch on the opening event at Baby Week Leeds.



50 Things To Do Before You’re Five gives you 50 activities that parents and carers can support their children to try out and repeat.


‘50 things’ was developed with families to produce a resource that offers experiences to build skills and language, supports brain development in young children, as well as being great fun. It is based on the simple idea that doing fun, low-cost or no-cost activities with your family, and talking about them, is a great way to support the growth and development of your child’s confidence and skills. “The app will be promoted by health professionals across the city as it supports early positive interactions between families and children from before they are born, to school age. It aims to inspire varied experiences which form those early building blocks for children to draw upon when developing their language, communication and social skills.”


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Baby Week Leeds now running for the third year are pleased to share evidence and report successful partnerships. We have had interest from several local authorities and aim to provide a toolkit and training if your city would like to host. The founder, Lucy Potter who completed a Winston Churchill Fellowship, which helped her discover Semana Do Bebe (Baby Week Brazil) formed a partnership with Brazil to bring it to Leeds. She has since been invited to share our journey.


Our blog site will contain more highlights, more stories and more information to support you and your organisation also take part in Baby Week. Please don't hesitate to contact and we hope to respond as soon as possible.

Baby Week Leeds is a registered charity: 1178324

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