MATERNITY & EARLY YEAR resources - Conference presentations & much more from baby week 2020

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Baby Week Leeds 2020 was definitely not the same but we DID IT! Over 1000 attendees and over 75 events, we are so pleased to have made fantastic partnerships and connections. During a global pandemic and a national lockdown, we decided to take baby steps and make Baby Week happen virtually with the theme 'Stay Safe, Stay Connected'.

We had a fantastic conference with over 150 people booked on as well as some insightful webinars throughout the week. As some people were unable to attend the conference, you can find some of the presentations below.

Baby Week 2020 - Best Start
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Best Beginnings & Baby Buddy
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Inequalities in Maternity by BHI
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Perinatal Mental Health Leeds
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Speech & Language in Leeds
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The Magic of Helping Babies Breathe- Lee
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Healthy start with Foodwise
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Baby Week Women Friendly
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Find out more about the Ask the Experts Webinar, the questions asked by expectant and new parents, and the answers shared by our professionals - you can also stream the whole session here.

Below are some really useful websites and Facebook groups you may want to note down and share. - a brilliant resource for dads and partners and in West Yorkshire we have funded this app so it is free to download for any partner who lives in this area and also have paper versions too for people who can't use apps.

- is also a great resource for all families in seeing the available support for perinatal mental health. - The ultimate guide during Covid-19 pandemic with resources for children and families, useful activities and tips, and things to #ReDiscoverLeeds. - Medicine in pregnancy provides information on what medication is safe to use in pregnancy. 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service official website. - A National Network of Primary Care Professionals and Supportive Colleagues advocating for Improvements in Infant Feeding Practice. - The breastfeed Network provides access to information and support for families who wish to breastfeed their families. - Don't Say Stop Look It Up is a joint campaign from HIFN, GPIFN and The Breastfeeding Network aiming to raise awareness among prescribers and dispensers about the importance of getting accurate information about medication and lactation. Join our Facebook group or click on the images below to download these posters.


USEFUL FACEBOOK PAGES & GROUPS: - The official Facebook page for Baby Week UK and Baby Week Leeds. - Bosom Buddies provide mum-to-mum breastfeeding information and support in groups. Welcome to the 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service Leeds (Previously known as Health Visiting and School Nursing Service), which provides information and support on perinatal and maternal health. Baby Week UK 2020 | Promote the Best Start Together. If you want information, updates on events, resources, or just need to ask a question around maternity, early years and things to do for new parents / carers, we're here to help :) - Leeds Maternity Voices Partnership, working together to improve maternity services in Leeds for all. Child Friendly Leeds: Working to bring everyone together to make Leeds a child friendly city! - Becoming a parent is an important and exciting experience and our purpose is to ensure you have the right maternity support and care around you. In Leeds we offer a range of choices and services in hospital, community and home settings. - The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust E-midwife page! - North & South Leeds Mumbler Group: This is a SUPPORTIVE and FRIENDLY place, where members can ask for advice, insider tips and help from fellow local parents about parenting related things. It's run by local parent, Rachel Girtchen and parents, expectant parents, grandparents and family members are all welcome. - a support group for dads that hosts dads pre school playgroups, social events and parenting information. Join us every third Sun 2-4pm @ The Holbeck Club in Leeds - Yorkshire Tots to Teens is your one stop site for all the best activities, days out & holiday event round ups for West Yorkshire families. A group that meets monthly to share information, support and stories of births at home or planned homebirths that have transferred to hospital.

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